Stripe API - payment link , further integration

For better integration re: “buy this item NOW” …

external link for dummies category …

Stripe generates at the item/price level, a link & URL pairing in support of -

one click opens the credit card payment form on stripe domain for that item…

The UX is great on bubble where any items for purchase list can include within the cell’s data references, a link to stripes buy now for that item.

Assumes that apps extended data model includes over on stripes domain, lists of products , prices that support stripe API to createSession()

Gap exists because Stripe does not currently have API call -
createPaymentLink . Assumed that Stripe is aware of bubble / noCode and of future reqm,ts for respective API mods that result in better no-code experience for newbie builders ??

background doc


did anyone already used creating a payment link on bubble.
i know that you can create a payment link directly in the stripe dashboard. however, as far as i know, no transaction costs can be assigned to this link at the moment. However, it should be possible via the API.