Stripe API Workflow on Subscription Fail Strange Issue

This is a simple payment fail, read values and compare user ID to send email to user to update payment info.

When the event is triggered in Stripe all is good, AND at the bubble level I get the event and data OK, BUT I cannot see my users which are 4 in dev. mode. I get 0 back. So I can’t send the email to the proper user.

Test payment failure (works great):

  1. WORKS: On stripe: checking if subscription payment fails
  2. WORKS: Event is generated OK ( or charge decline)
  3. WORKS: I have the user Stripe ID from Strip in the EndPoint workflow
  4. WORKS: trigger a workflow item, to send a hardcoded email to myself with data received

Here is what is strange:

  1. DOES NOT WORK: DO SEARCH USERS COUNT results 0 and I have 4

Why? Is this a bug? Permissions?

How do I know?
I write the result to an email to myself (hard coded) and also write the result into a field in a test thing so I can see what I get.