Does A Workflow Stop When Stripe Subscription/Charge Fails?

Does The Rest Of A Workflow STOP When Stripe Subscription/Charge Fails?

For some reason sometimes it appears as though the charge will fail yet the rest of the workflow continues to operate / make changes to the user…

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You’re best off using the CoBubble Stripe Plugin. Set a conditional statement to wait for the token to come through as shown below. CoBubble also has an excellent stripe course to take explaining step by step.

I like to use the condition only when results of charging the user’s amount charged = amountDue just to make sure it does but im sure the rest of the flow terminates if the payment is unsuccessful.

Does the amount charged vs. amount due need to be BOTH expressed as cents?

And where do i find ‘amount charged’ here?


Im sure they are both in cents, if your charging a user this is when i would use the amount charged condition, when dealing in subs though you would be better to use quantity.

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Even when I use “quantity is not 1” it still continues the workflow in some cases and I can’t understand why… It’s happening more often for some reason.

Is there a specific condition that relates to the subscription approval or decline that can force the workflow to stop? It’s allowing signups even though the user hasn’t paid and it seems very sporatic and does not provide an error in the logs.

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