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Stripe Checkout popup in French


I would like to have a Stripe Checkout popup in French. I looked at Stripe documentation for it : the source code need to include this step : "data-locale=“auto” as you can see below.

“form action=”" method=“POST”>
src=“” class=“stripe-button”
data-name=“Demo Site”
data-description=“2 widgets ($20.00)”

When we have this element the checkout popup is changing the english language for a local language.

Is it possible for you to do it?

Thank you.

Just pushed that. It will now follow the settings you’ve set as the app’s language

Thank you Emmanuel !

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@emmanuel, I’ve set my app to Norwegian, but still the popup is in English.
Norwegian is one of the supported languages for Stripe Checkout.
Could you check if something is not working correctly?

Can you check Stripe’s documentation to see which code they need for Norwegian?

I cant seem to find this in Stripes documentation, but usually it is “no”.

Have you tried to add “no” ? :slight_smile:

Here it’s nb or nn

So please find this for stripe.

Says it’s “no” :slight_smile:

Alright we’ll add something to overwrite it. God knows why stripe is different than the standard ISO code…

Norway has two languages, referred to as nb (Norwegian bokmål) and Norwegian nynorsk (nn). But most places only nb is used, and for some reason just referred to as Norwegian (no).
Not very intuitive, I know… :slight_smile: