Stripe payment page show always on English

Hey guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! :heart:

I’m finishing my app, it is multilang app so i have ukrainian and english translation. I have lang datafield in user data type

. When my user try to pay from ukrainian preset stripe gives and error(cause uk_ua lang is not supported right now).

From English preset all good.

How can i preset stripe page to always show English. I found that i can do it with variable lang: en_us. But i am using Stripe plugin from Bubble. Thanks for any help!

P.S.: I have Stripe registered for my company in Poland

And btw when i choose popup v2 (legacy) it’s working from both locales like charm. Interesting that v2 popup have ukrainian translation as well . But i don’ t think it is the way to go because v2 looks spooky and kinda old :slight_smile: