Stripe Connect integration on Bubble

Hi all. I am stuck with stripe connection integration on bubble for a marketplace. The workflow is integrated but is it not working properly. Users are not able to complete stripe onboarding to receive payments for products they have on therir store page. I suspect the issue is with bubble plugin for stripe. Does anyone have any experience with this? I need someone I can hire to complete the integration. Thanks in advance

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I don’t think the Bubble Stripe plugin supports Connect features. Indonbelievebthe Zeroqode plugin can help with Connect. That or use the API connector

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@samson The Bubble Stripe plugin does allow for creation of sellers and transferring money to them and taking an app fee. Are you using a template?

If you would like to book a coaching session, I can try to see if we can figure out what is missing together while sharing your screen.

Would that help? Hope to talk with you soon. :blush:

Thanks Ramzi, will check this out

Thanks for the feedback. That would be great. When are you available to schedule a session

You can see my live schedule on my site:

Hope to talk with you soon. :blush:

Hi Samson,
I have in the past worked heavily with the Stripe and would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here