Payments with Bubble, what solution fits my needs?

Hi Bubblers,

I am building a coupon market place and got bit overwhelmed regarding the payment aspect of the platform. Going with Stripe seems like the obvious solution, but Stripes different offerings (payments, connect etc.) are confusing to me:

What i am looking for is the following:

  1. Charge a fee for transactions on the platform
  2. Withhold funds until a transaction has been confirmed by a customer
  3. Pay out Sellers with them just providing a bank account for payouts to arrive in
  4. Sellers being able to pay out their balance themselves, no fixed billing cycles

I tried to implement this functionality with the native Bubble Stripe plugin, but using Stripe payments, i am unable to sign up sellers in order for them to initiate payouts themselves.

Is it even possible to achieve such functionality using Stripe payments and the default plugin, or do i have to utilize Stripe connect?
if so, it seems that third party plugins are not the way to go. Do i have to dive into the API connector to achieve reliable results?

Any insights or resources on how to approach the topic of payments is highly appreciated, big thanks!

Greetings from Germany

Stripe connect can handle this no problem.

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Hi GH5T,

Thanks for your response, would you use/recommend using a paid third party plugin or the api connector for an integration of stripe connect?

Thanks in advance!

Some functionality you can get with one of plugins for free, I wouldn’t use any by ZQ though. You’re better off making your own with the API connector. It’s pretty easy.

Great! Do you know any resources that can help beginners navigate the API connector? Big thanks!

You’ll ideally need to really understand what you’ll need with Stripe Connect, and then revolve your apps data structure to correspond to that. It’s a process, but I’m sure there is plenty of guides either here or via Google that can point you in the right direction.

Bubble API Connector (no offense to Bubble) is absolutely terrible. It’s decent none-the-less, but it’s so out of date with current modern UI practices it’s almost unbearable to use hehe. It will require a steep learning curve to understand how it works with Bubble. Then slowly realize that the same exact API requests you make on Postman, or Insomnia won’t work exactly the way it works via Bubble (and so fourth).

Long story short, it will take you some time to learn how the API Connector works, but eventually it will bring new colors to your application.

I can offer you 1 on 1 consulting / training as well.

This is my agency site.

Thanks for your insights! I will look into the API connector first to get a feeling for the scope of the challenge, if i get stuck I will definitely get back to your offer regarding 1 on 1 consulting. Huge thanks for your time and effort!

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