Stripe Connect Webhooks - Stripe error: "no such event"

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There’s a bunch of posts in this forum about Stripe Webhooks related to the platform account.

However, when building platform businesses I think it would be quite crucial to monitor what happens under the connected accounts.

When setting up Stripe Connect Webhooks they all result in “Stripe error: no such event” (despite sending an actual event it). I have a feeling that the “Get Stripe Event” looks for an event related to the platform account, and hence cannot find such an event.

Anyone dealt with this particular issue?
Or perhaps some of the bubble superstars @michelduprez or @romanmg know something about the secrets of setting up connect webhooks to be able to listen what happens under connected accounts…

In Stripe you have the option to set up webhooks for either your main account, or connected accounts.

I haven’t personally used the connected account endpoints (as all our transactions go through the platform account), but presumably you need to set up an endpoint for connected accounts, and use that endpoint to send webhooks from connected accounts set up in the webhook dashboard in Stripe.

Thank you @adamhholmes for your reply,

I managed to create a “home-built api” using the API connector that in addition to the “id” also considers the “account” parameter (which stands for connected account). As the “Get Stripe Event” call only seems to respond to platform events…

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