"Stripe Custom Connect" is it possible to integrate using api connector?


Is there a plugin or can you connect and configure Stripe Custom Connect using the bubble api connector?

Yes, I have done this via the API connector (much better than using one of the plugins available if you need to make modifications and do things unique to your marketplace, imho). You can even setup webhooks to receive Stripe events via API workflows for your web. I have ~130 calls saved to my own plugin, which took some time to build out, but my process is essentially this.

  1. Refer to Stripe API documentation:

  2. Craft call in Postman and copy over to Bubble.
    -Use test credentials (for bank accounts, cards, etc.) from here:

  3. Check the logs in your Stripe dashboard to ensure calls were succesfully executed.

  4. If you need to temporarily check for events being sent from Stripe. Just setup a questb.in and monitor it as you build out your API endpoints.

I have a private plugin that I created for my applications, which allows usage across multiple applications, but you can just as easily craft these calls in the API connector within a single application. Very, very doable.