Connect to Stripe via API Connector

I can’t seem to find a good tutorial/resource that teaches me how to connect my Bubble App to Stripe via API Connector. And yes, I have been going through Stripe’s documentation. Can anyone recommend something?

Thank you.

There are quite a few YouTube videos that demonstrate the API connector for Stripe

But this is probably the best course there is, and he focuses specifically on the API connector. Well worth the money : Tutorial Search | NoCode Trainer

What exactly are you having trouble with?

As long as you understand the Stripe API documentation, the integration with the API Connector is fairly straight forward.

The only real issue is knowing how to set up the calls and authentication correctly in the API Connector.

Is that where you’re having trouble?

Or are there some more specific problems you’re facing?

Try this video. This is what I used to get it working.

Had to watch it a few times as they move fast through some key parts.

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Setting up the calls and authentication is one issue.

Workflow is another issue. In certain sections, I can’t tell what calls to make when and found it difficult to customize to my situation or know which optional calls would be good to have.

Since the Stripe examples are in code, I found it difficult to follow. In Quickstart, it seems to show what things need to happen when at a higher level, but it doesn’t say which calls to make (like, Step 1, make this call. Step 2, make this call. etc)

I am not a programmer and have never worked with API before. So sometimes when I read scripted examples, it looks foreign to me.

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Have you got a specific example of what you’re trying to do… I’m sure I can help you with it.

I’ve always found the Stripe API docs extremely good (amoungst the best and easiest to follow API docs I’ve come across), so whatever you’re trying to do should be fairly straight forward.

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Looking at that video, Bubble has clearly built all of that. I tried putting the URL in to have a look over it and see what I could copy / understand it better, but no access to the page

@adamhholmes might Bubble give read only access to that do you think?

Setting up Stripe seems really difficult, and all I want to do is the Stripe checkout. Any further instruction or places to look would be much appreciated, before my brain melts!


I’m not sure what you’re referring to here? What’s that a link to?

As I’ve mentioned previoulsy, working with Stripe via their API in Bubble is very simple…

Providing A: you know how to use the API connector, and B: you’ve read and understood the Stripe API docs.

Those are the prerequisites… once you’ve got both of those, working with Stripe’s API is a breeze.

So if you don’t know how to use the API connector, and/or aren’t familiar with Stipes API docs (at least those relevant to what you’re trying to do), then those are the first things you need to.

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the URL in the top here:

In the video, they show that Bubble has set up a test of various different Stripe things, which would be really helpful to nose around.


Those are both things that I find very complicated. The AirDev videaos are very good on the API connector -

(32) How to connect to any API via Bubble’s API Connector (no Auth) [API Connector Tutorial 1/7] - YouTube

but the point-and-shoot of what to actually do to connect Stripe and Bubble definitely feels scary.

I will keep at it, and thanks - and if there is a way to nose under the bonnet of the Bubble app, that would be extremely helpful.