Stripe Element on Page

Hi, so I am trying to setup stripe payments. I would like to use a stripe element on my page without making the user go to a separate Stripe Link. The only ways I can find online to do this are:

  1. To use a token which requires me to be PCI compliant (which seems like a lot of work)
  2. I apparently use a stripe checkout element but on the stripe website it says I have to be able to code

Does anyone know how I can do 1 or 2 easily or if there is a third way to do this well?


It would be awesome if Bubble had a step by step walkthrough of how to do this well considering it is so important!

Do you need this because you do not want a redirect at all or because you want the user to stay in your domain?
If you are ok with a redirect in your subdomain (someting like now you have option 3: custom domain on Stripe Checkout.
You keep all the features of Stripe Checkout (PCI compliance, can integrate without code) and you also keep your brand in the address bar.