Stripe error in Dev Environment

Good morning,

I am using the standard Stripe plugin developed by Bubble (with the SCA-compliant Checkout v3) to take one-time payments on our site and have not previously had an issue in testing when setting it up, it is now also being used in our Live site without any issues.

As of this morning I am however now seeing an issue every time I try to Charge a customer in our Dev environment, the error received is: Stripe error: No such customer: cus_xxxxxxxxxxxxx a similar object exists in live mode, but a test mode key was used to make this request.

Our Live site does seem to be working ok however I need to do some further testing on 3D Secure cards so need this working again asap.

I have tried deleting all Test data in Stripe but that has not fixed the issue.

Any ideas?


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Did you ever figure this out?

This mean that the customer (or any other object) was created in the live environment (using live key) instead of dev key and you are trying to use this object now with the dev key. In Bubble, you have two different field to enter live and dev key (and secret)