Stripe (Bubble version 3) issues

I was using the stipe v2 version then moved to v3 and I keep getting this error, can anyone please shed some light on what the issue might be?

The new version

  • worked perfectly in test mode
  • then worked perfectly in live mode

now won’t work in either

It is just the one of charge to a credit card, not a “plan” that I see people keep writing about on the forums

the problem should be in your stripe keys in your plugin settings

which I have setup correctly

Take a look at your error. It says you are using your test key on a customer that exists in live mode database.

If your keys are set up properly, you need to make sure your workflow is passing a test mode customer in test page

Hi, yes it says that but it’s not the case. There is something wrong with the plugin. I’ve reverted to V2 as bubble don’t know what the issue is and “investigating”