Stripe Express account not showing in Connected Accounts

Hi guys,

I’m using the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin by Zeroqode to register sellers and create an Express. Here is my workflow:

Once I complete the Stripe onboarding process it takes me to my redirect URL successfully. So I go back to my Stripe platform account and check the Connected Accounts page to check if it has been registered but it doesn’t even show up. Bear in mind, I never did anything after it redirected me to back to the URL I specified. Any ideas please?

Hi @raf-a,

Thanks for reaching out. You need to also use the second action that comes together with your setup - Complete express/standard account connection, and please use it On page load event.

Please use the following setups as per our demo:

Because you’ll need to get the URL code in order to finish the connection. Then, you can make changes to your current user as per our demo and save the stripe id.

Please use our demo editor for reference.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team