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Struggling with express account onboarding (Stripe marketplace ApI by zeroqode)


I’ve followed along some threads here but am still struggling to successfully onboard stripe express accounts.

My starting place was the eaty template by zeroqode if anyone has ever worked with it - I began integrating the stripe marketplace plugin when I discovered the other stripe api would not support express accounts. I have the ability to click “add stripe” and enter information into the link it sends me to - this account seems to be saved as I can log into it, yet it doesn’t appear on my stripe connect. Furthermore, after hitting submit and being redirected back to the app, the workflow to complete the onboarding doesn’t seem to do anything, and my account page on the live version of the app remains unchanged (based on the template, it seems it should change to saying connecting and making my ID visible).

Also, for anyone who has worked with this template, I cannot see orders (based on the data I am sending to the live backend to test all of the features), but I can see them from the admin demo and courier demo when I send the same exact data to the dev version - I’m wondering if there’s some feature of this template that won’t let an account that hasn’t added stripe see orders?

I’m attaching screenshots for all of these issues. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Plugin Page

Onboarding Workflow

Workflow Two

I’ll close by emphasizing a) I can log into the stripe account I made when clicking the add stripe link, and have hooked up my bank and verified my info, yet it doesn’t show up in my stripe connect (or update in the apps) and b) if anyone has worked with this template and knows if this is why I cannot see the order data in the live version when I see it fine in the dev version (have sent it both places, through zapier), that would be helpful to know.

I really appreciate anyone who took the time to read this, thanks so much!

Resolved, although I still can only see orders that come through on the courier demo. Not sure why that is. I’ll write the solution when I find it in case anyone else has the same issue at some point.

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Hi @aidan1, thank you for your message.
We are very happy that you solved this issue.

In case there will be any other template-related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you. :pray:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.