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Stripe iDeal (link to customer?) integration with Connect

Hi Everyone,

Yes - another post from me about the Stripe API.

I am building a marketplace for The Netherlands / Belgium that mainly works with iDeal and Bancontact. Unfortunately whenever I want to do something with the Stripe API in combination with iDeal or Bancontact it does not seem to work.

What I want to achieve is that a Customer posts something that he wants, the seller says “i have this”, seller creates a payment request and the customer can pay it with iDeal. I (the platform) then takes a small fee from it, using the split payment/fee functionality in Stripe Connect.

What I have done:

  1. Activated iDeal and Bancontact in Stripe’s Dashboard for test & production;
  2. Created new seller accounts and using the API added the iDeal capability to it;
  3. Let new customers register using the Zeroqode plugin (but I could also build this myself).
  4. Created a payment method for iDeal using the API

The problem I now face is two sided and both concern iDeal:

  1. When new customers use the checkout they can ONLY choose from a Card payment ór Google/Apple Pay;
  2. The API returns an error when I use the update customer object to set iDeal as payment method;
  3. When using the preferred “attach payment method to customer” (using the paymentmethod ID and customer ID) the API returns the error message “Payment Methods of type ‘ideal’ cannot be saved to customers.”.

How can I implement the iDeal payments for my customers? What am I missing here?