Using iDEAL Payment In Stripe

Hi all,

we are trying to support iDEAL as a payment method in Stripe, however I cannot seem to enable it in Bubble/via API?

We have it live in our Stripe dashboard, but using the Bubble Stripe Plugin I can’t enable it?

Any idea?

Is this for the @copilot Stripe plugin?

I was talking about the default Bubble built one - does @copilot plugin work with iDEAL?

How to I set that up?

Hey @help,

Stripe.js does support iDEAL payments by way of source creation, payment authorization and capture. The process isn’t very straight-forward, so you’ll want to get aligned with Stripe’s documentation. :slight_smile:

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@copilot thank you. I am struggling with your plugin for those actions as the docs url only points to your home page. I have found the Stripe docs and working through them.

In terms of your plugin actions, what should the order be? Is it as so below, ie authorise then capture?

Hi @help,

Since Stripe.js is a native implementation of Stripe’s API, you should continue to refer to Stripe’s own API documentation as they do break down the necessary steps regarding iDEAL payments.

You’re right - we’re updating both Stripe.js and its documentation so they won’t be much help. :slight_smile:

I’ll drop you a pm