Stripe.js - Creating Direct Charge for Connected Account

Hi All!
Hoping someone may be able to help me crack this nut that I’ve been noodling on for a few days.

For our app we want to use Direct Charges to enable Connected/Seller Accounts to receive the funds directly while we pick up an application fee. It’s important that the merchant of record and responsible party for refunds/chargebacks/etc + Stripe fees is the Connected/Seller Account and not us as the app (i.e. we’re not a marketplace but we are still the connective tissue for payments).

I’ve gone through the paid @copilot courses which were super helpful. We got it working as a Destination + On Half Of but struggling to switch it to a Direct Charge. Our setup right now looks like

Step 1: Stripe.js - PaymentIntent - Create

  • Confirm Now? No
  • PaymentMethod ID is not set
  • Transaction Type is Direct w/ Seller Account dynamically populated

Step 2: Start payment with StripeElement A

  • Client Secret is dynamically populated from Step 1
  • Generate PaymentMethod is set to yes

Above works when its a Destination + On Behalf but when set to Direct Charge I receive the following error in the Stripe logs “No such payment_intent: 'pi_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”.

My guess is it might be because the PI is being created on the Platform Account vs Connected Account but can’t seem to figure out how to get it working.

Appreciate any help!

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@James33 It was nice to connect and get this resolved! :slight_smile:

@copilot @James33 How was this solved? Having the same problem, doesn’t Stripe Js2 work with Direct Connected payments?

Hey @James33 , could you let me know how you got it to work? I am having the same issue.

Did anyone figure out to create a single charge? My specific use case is the owner of a business is charging a client using their credit card info that was shared by the end customer.
Customer A goes/calls Business ABC and wants to buy product 123. Business ABC wants to charge the customer.
I have stripe.js 2. How can I create a single charge? Which actions do I need to set up int he workflow for this to work.

I have the stripeElement on the page
When confirm button is clicked:
1- create a paymentmethod with Stripe Element

When paymentmethod was created
3- create a customer
4- paymentmethod attached
5- customer update - update the payment method
6- charge - create

Nothing happens.

Thank you for your help