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I’m trying to create charges on my web app using stripe.js 2 but can’t seem to figure out how to do this.

My specific use case is the owner of a business is charging a client using their credit card info that was shared by the end customer in person.
Customer A goes/calls Business ABC and wants to buy product 123. Business ABC wants to charge the customer.

What is the workflow to for business ABC to charge Customer A for a single product?

I have the stripeElement on the page
When confirm button is clicked:
1- create a paymentmethod with Stripe Element

When paymentmethod was created
3- create a customer
4- paymentmethod - attach
5- customer update - update the payment method
6- charge - create

Nothing happens.

Thank you for your help

Im stuck here too. I can create subscriptions but can not figure out how to charge the customer for a one off service. Did you figure out how to get the stripe.js - charge - create to work?

Still need help?

stripe.js plugin doesn’t have a whole lot of documentation. I got stuck on this too and decided to use bubbles stripe plugin to handle one offs.

now im stuck on updating some of the connected accounts information. can not figure out for the life of me how to get either of the plugins to let me send driving license images for verification. At this point it’s easier to learn how to build your own apis with the API Connector.

Hey @mac.mehani @service5,

I was able to successfully create one time charge using Stripe JS plugin.

Here is the video of the setup.

You need to Create Stripe Payment Intent instead of Create a Charge.

Note - You need to add return url or else it wont work.

Video link

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That’s awesome. Thank you sir!

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