Stripe.js error - attached payment to customer

I’m using the stripe.js plug in and following the CoPilot video sequence for creating subscriptions. I’m getting an error at the “create a subscription” step. I’ve successfully attached the payment method to the customer, and now the step is to create the subscription. Per the video, if I leave “card or payment method” blank in that workflow, as long as you’ve attached the payment already then Stripe should know what to do.

However, I’m getting an error: This customer has no attached payment source or default payment method

Now if I manually enter the payment method into the screen below, no such errors

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Hi @ramzizi,

There’s a number of things that could be contributing to this error, as with any error!


  • Is the Customer ID empty?
  • Is the call showing up in Stripe?

We’d be happy to continue discussing and take a further look if you email :slight_smile:

The customer ID is filled. The call does show up in Stripe. I get this error in Stripe when I leave the payment method field blank:

Then, without changing anything else except filling in the payment method on the “create a subscription” call, I get a successful payment

It’s possible your Customer’s default PaymentMethod isn’t being set. To force this, you can use the Customer - Update action to set a default PaymentMethod for a Customer to be charged for invoices and subscriptions. :wink:

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That did it :slight_smile:

Thanks friend. I wonder if that is an error something specific to me or with the updated plugin

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