Stripe Error: "This customer has no attached payment source or default payment method."

Hi everybody, I am trying to implement the plugin stripe.js (last version) from @copilot and even following (step-by-step) the instructions given in the course (Platform Payments 2) I was not able to set up the stripe billing in my app.

There’s just a minor error as per stripe dashboard: “This customer has no attached payment source or default payment method”.

The thing is, I have added to my workflow the “PaymentMethod - Attach” action but the error message remains.

I don’t think this is a plugin bug since my knowledge in Bubble is not that advanced, so I m here asking for help on this matter.

I highly appreciate the support given on this community.


Hey @vinicius.tst.eng,

Be sure to attach a PaymentMethod to a Customer using the PaymentMethod - Attach action first - this is a necessary part of the Stripe onboarding process. :slight_smile:

Hey there @vinicius.tst.eng

It seems you have two “Stripeelement A PaymentMethods was created” workflows.
Make sure to keep only one, as they could create a conflict with each other

You should also have the “Create a subscription” action which I don’t see in your screenshot

I think I did it.
for test purposes, I have set as per below:

Then: (@ambroisedlg, I left only one but still doesn’t work )

I don’t understand what could be wrong, apparently, I did everything as required. idk…


It looks like the action PaymentMethod - Attach is not working. You mention adding this action first but where do you mean? I’ve added this action right on the “PaymentMethod was created” workflow. Where this action should be placed?

I appreciate your support

@vinicius.tst.eng I’ve PM’d you


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