Stripe.js - error generating card token

I am trying simply generate a card token and record it using stripe.js but I keep getting the following error:

I also already have generated tokens in another workflow (on another page) and it used to work, but now its also giving me the error message above.

Below are some quick screen shots of the workflows I am using.

Any help would be so appreciated!

Have you watched the Stripe.js tutorial videos by @copilot?

I believe it is still the case that you need to store the value in an intermediary state (ie. what should be your Step 2). Then, your current Step 2 should reference the state value from the new Step 2.

Hi @corey.dorsa - I created a short tutorial a few months back on implementing Stripe.js

The workflow design starts around the 6minute mark. I don’t show how to save the token but there may be enough info in the video to help you out.

Thanks for the shoutout @dan1

Hey @corey.dorsa,

We have a rather lengthy course (Platform Payments) that goes over implementing a payment structure for your application, including subscriptions and webhooks should you need them. The first few videos are free and are a pretty-good place to start if you’re just looking to get Stripe.js going. :+1:

I appreciate the help! I was able to find out there was an issue with the test cards I was using, hence not being able to generate a card token.

I am still fairly new to all this and wish I could have caught the error earlier but I am glad it finally got resolved. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to move forward if that didn’t work.


Hey @corey.dorsa i’m facing the same issue here, even after rewatching the tutorials couple of times and using the debugger, i found out that i couldn’t create a stripetoken.

Could you develop how you fix this and what was the problem with the testing card you were using ?