Problem with Stripe and Stripe.js


I am building an app on which I need to receive payments by card and so have decided to use Stripe.

1/ With the classic Stripe plugin, everything works well on a desktop but the stripe popup (with card number etc) never appears on my mobile (Iphone 7).

2/ Thinking it is a problem of responsiveness, I then have decided to use stripe.js.

I have put the keys from stripe and the Stripe token on my page but when using “convert Card into a stripetoken paiement”, nothing is created.
I know this because I have two workflows :

1/ When “Stripetoken paiement for a card has been created” send a mail with “ok”

2/ When stripetoken paiement coundn’t be created" send a mail with “fail”

I do not receive any mail while mails work correctly in other situations.

ps: for information, the number used for “convert Card into a stripetoken paiement” are: card number: 4242424242424242 ; month: 12 ; year : 2020 and cvc : 123

If you have an idea to solve any one of the two problems, it would be amazing.

Thank you very much in advance

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Having the same problem. Following this thread if its fixed. @copilot I purchased your course and I am stuck at this same stage. There is no option to select “A Stripetoken for a card has been created” like you show in the training. Please help.


You might need to put the Stripe element on the page.

in the Payments Platform course, video 4 “Tokenization” 7:41. “A Stripe token for a card has been created” selection is not visible when I’m creating a workflow. There is only “A Stripe token for a bank account has been created” and the same thing for an ID number. All other steps have been completed exactly the same way.

What version are you using? Last time I used 1.9.x it was not fully completed.

Last stable version is 1.8.10

It is only show the “A Stripe token for a card has been created” event in the deprecated version. Its missing from “Events” in the description of the non-deprecated version.

Why are you using the deprecated version?


This is for the non-deprecated* Stripe.js - all versions


This is from the deprecated version.

Sorry for the confusion - just edited with an *. The non-deprecated version lost that “Event” for “A Stripe Token for A Card Has Been Created”

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I’m not using the deprecated* version. I added it to compare the “Events” section. See screenshot above.

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They might have changed it to “source” in 1.9.x

1.8.10 still works as shown in your tutorial.

@copilot, as good as they are. Are bad at providing change notes and documentation.

Basically, if you are using 1.9.x, you are beta testing their software. And you have to figure things out a bit more for yourself.

Hope that helps.

Hey @stone,

We appreciate the feedback. Perhaps you have missed the notice in the Plugin view, multiple posts in the Stripe.js thread regarding the beta phase, and new posts for each new version. There is also an explicit mention in the Plugin view stating the benefit of sticking with Version 1.8.10 or lower.

Posting is not the best way to get concerns addressed, which numerous times have been requested to be sent to :+1:

@copilot Thanks for the quick reply. I have no doubt about it and I’m sticking with 1.8.10 myself. I think many new users are confused about it though, as this thread is one example.

I’ll correct myself, you are not “bad” at changes notes. I was referring mostly to the documentation.

I think if you can launch 2.0 with some great documentation there will definitely be less confusion.

Good luck with that and I appreciate the work you do for the bubble community. :slight_smile:

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We’re looking forward to working with the Bubble team on implementing better mass-testing features for the plugin development suite, as well as improving documentation methods. As always, we appreciate the community’s feedback; it helps navigate us a ton. :slight_smile:


I have also bought the course and have the same problem as you @austinjarts . An Event “A Stripe Token for A Card Has Been Created” is not there. As a result I can create customer in Stripe, but this customer has no Credit Card information. @copilot could you propose a solution to this?

Thanks in advance!


Every developer has a preferred method of communication for bug reports, feature requests, sponsorships and more. We’ve made mention of our channels numerous times across the Forums including in our plugin descriptions.

File a bug report at and we’ll take it from there. Be sure to provide as much information as possible, including screenshots. If you’ve done so, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Help us, help you. :+1:

Hi, @copilot. Thanks for your reply! I have send you a message on you website before posting in this conversation on forum. I have also revealed a few hours ago that you have a contact form on your forum, where bugs can be described, so I used it do so. Look forward hearing from you there. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

@andras wasn’t using the correct version of the plugin, working now for me with version 1.8.10.

Hi @copilot @stone

I’ve watched every video up until this error that I’m receiving. Currently in the middle of “Creating Sellers: Part 2” and am getting the error below. Have you seen anyone that has run into this? I added a breakpoint to debug and the error is happening when the workflow gets to step 2: Create a Custom seller. Thanks for your help!


@stone this helped get through this challenge. thanks!

I’m experiencing the same issue. My calls were working perfectly until a few days ago, when I started getting that same error code from every call regarding a Custom Seller. I think Stripe may have changed its API syntax, but Copilot hasn’t updated it yet.