Stripe.js Update subscription Error

I am using the Stripe.js plugin and everything seems to be working well except one thing. My customers have subscriptions that are billed every month via credit card and are charged automatically. However, if I want to update the billing to “Send Invoice”, I am getting an error in Stripe.

I am using the Update Subscription action.

However, I am getting an error in Stripe that says I need to set the days_until_due field.

As you can see from the first image, the days_until_due is not an option. This field is only available when you create a new subscription, but if you set the field when you create the subscription with a credit card, you get an error stating that it can only be set when you are sending an invoice.

Has anybody else run into this?

I’ve run into a bunch of weird issues with this plugin, similar to this. I had another issue and ended up just using the API Connector to handle what I needed it to handle.

Not that this is the most eloquent way of doing it (but if you’re just trying to achieve switching the collection method), but in this instance, I’d create an API post to Stripe…


And then in the JSON body…


Can turn this API POST request into an Action step so it would just replace the “Stripe.js - Subscription - Create” step in your workflow.

Let me know if that all makes sense. If you’re new to the API connector it might be a bit confusing.

Yeah, that is what I am thinking that I will need to do. I have submitted a bug report to the developer but I am not holding out much hope that they will correct it.

I’ve sent at least a dozen bug reports to @copilot and I don’t think I’ve heard back once, unfortunately. Hope the above works!

Hey @jasonh,

Good catch there - we rolled in aDays Until Due field in the Subscription - Update action in one of the latest versions of the Stripe.js plugin. Feel free to reach out to us directly at or through our Contact page if you’re expecting fields and not seeing them. If you don’t get a response from us within a day or two, drop us a chat message and definitely inquire about an update. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the tag @viable :white_check_mark:

That was the first thing that I did today was upgrade to 2.0.31 to see if that resolved the problem. However, now I see there is 2.0.32 that specifically mentions that field now being supported… I have installed it and now it works great. @copilot Thanks for the speedy resolution!! You can close my bug report I submitted on your website.

@copilot I spoke too soon. I now have errors in my application, because the days_until_due field is marked as required. However, if I put a value in it (to get rid of the error), Stripe will give me an error when it is not an invoiced subscription.

Hey @jasonh,

We addressed that issue just after the release along with other updates in-tow. Feel free to upgrade and drop a note through our Contact page if you’d like! :slight_smile: