Stripe JSON Body Formatting (Missing Required Param)

Hi all,

Maybe missing something simple here, just trying to make a Stripe API call (Stripe API Reference) with multiple parameters, but I can’t seem to get the formatting right. It only detects the first parameter, and nothing else. Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong? I’ve also tried setting parameters with the Form-data type and setting a Content-Type header to application/x-www-form-urlencoded, but with no luck.

I have my API key in a shared header for all Stripe calls, and they seem to work fine as long as there’s only one parameter in the body.




Received this back from Stripe support:

"Hey Greg,

Thanks for writing in!

So the reason you’re hitting an issue is because our API doesn’t accept JSON, it merely returns it. Our API expects all parameters to be passed as URL Encoded query parameters. To be specific, the API Expects a Content-Type of application/x-www-form-urlencoded."

Figured it out, just needed to add parameters through Bubble and mark them as Querystrings. Same solution here.

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