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Stripe now supports multiple subscription plans

Is this only possible using Stripe via the API Connector? Does Bubble support this, as in: can people subscribe to a new plan, without cancelling a previous plan?

@emmanuel Is this something that can be added to the Bubble plugin? I have an app that wants to subscribe users to a base plan and then a separate “additional users” plan, but currently the plugin just treats the 2nd subscription as an upgrade/downgrade.

It’s a deep change to our current integration so unfortunately not an easy one. We may look into this in the coming weeks but I can’t promise

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No problem. I should be able to achieve in API Connector, but just wanted to check here first. Thanks!

Do you have to setup Stripe as a managed account to accomplish this via API?

Are you able to use the Bubble Stripe plugin alongside API Stripe call integrations, or do you have to pick one over the other? I’m trying to decide if I should setup Stripe with the new StripeJS plugin, Bubble plugin or DIY API calls… How did you choose @romanmg?

If possible I’m going to try using the Bubble plugin for the stuff it already supports and access unsupported features ad hoc with API.