Bubble Stripe plugin - need help

Hi everyone.

I’m working on my app and I have almost finished it without even posting something here. Currently I’m working on the upgrading/downgrading into subscriptions and I’m using Stripe as payment service.

I’ve added the standard (native) Stripe plugin from bubble. I’ve looked into using stripe.js but it seemed like my use case is so simple, it should be doable in the native plugin.

My use case is as follows: a user picks a payment plan (yearly or monthly) and they pay every set time interval. I’ve added the collect users credit card information and then I’ve added a subscribe user to plan action. Yet when I test this I always get a error from Stripes API, it says: “Stripe error: You cannot use a Stripe token more than once”. When I look in Stripe it does manage to create the customer and add the credit card information to that customer. It is not able to properly add the customer to the subscription.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 16.57.12

Can you guys help me out? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here…

Thanks in advance!

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Try to just remove step 1 and only have it be step 2. See if that works! Let me know if you receive any errors.


Hi Tal, thanks so much for you reply. Sadly, it still throws the same error…

Anyone that can help? I’m quite stuck at the moment :slight_smile:

You should have a look at Zeroqode stripe marketplace plugin. It works very well for tokens

@nielsrozemeijer, Any luck in resolving the error message? I’m also getting the same error.

I ran into this once, but it was on an email that I had used a few times for testing already. I’d suggest trying a different email to see if it happens. And as suggested, isolate the workflow steps to see if it is happening on the collect card info, or the subscribe the user workflow step. Finally, dig into the Stripe documentation to see if that offers any insights into what causes Stripe to return that error.

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