Stripe - payment_intent.requires_action


When processing a payment within my app via Stripe I’m getting a
payment_intent.requires_action after I’ve created the payment intent.

Any idea what to do to solve this problem. I’ve read the stripe API docs and it says to do next_action API, but theres nowhere that I can see what I’m supposed to do here.

I’m trying to process the payment from an already saved payment method example: pm_ipoj43t5jnh4kl5b

It seems I need to do some kind of authentication, and I can see a big stripe hook type url within stripe itself for verification but i dont know how to get to this url within my app to proceed to the next part/action.

Stripe events and logs shows this
The payment pi_37st4nJotJ4vl3db04cU8Msd for £1.00 requires you to take action in order to complete the payment

Any ideas?

Hi @dereksparkes ,

Please check stripe api document,

You can pass confirm parameter with yes then, it can be verified instantly. other wise you need call this action separately (Confirm a PaymentIntent | Stripe API Reference)
Additional param,

cheers mate. very much appreciated. this works