Stripe payment methods


I believe there is a bug (or perhaps it is a missing feature) with the Bubble Stripe plugin. There is no way to adjust payment methods and as a result the only payment method available is credit card (or Google pay) when the stripe check out session is initiated using “charge the current user”.

On the stripe dashboard I have a allowed all payment methods. However I am receiving an error message which states:
“We’ve detected that you are not using Automatic Payment Methods. To manage payment methods from this page get the latest version of Checkout, Payment Element or Payment Links.The settings you apply here will take effect after you remove payment method types from your checkout integration.”

However, the stripe plug-in doesn’t allow you to modify payment methods or remove payment methods types(as suggested by stripe documentation). As a result it appears to default to payment method = card. I honestly don’t know what to do at this point to get other payment methods besides CC to show up.


Consider making direct api calls (and webhooks) to Stripre

Thanks for that. I have been working on that but was hoping to implement something more quickly. It seems like a minor bug that could be changed by bubble to simply remove payment methods in the call.


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