Stripe plugin only supports Credit Cards?

Am I correct in understanding that the Bubble plugin for Strip (V3) only supports Credit Cards as the payment method regardless of the payment methods defined in Strip for the default checkout for my account? I can’t get any other payment methods to appear when calling the Stripe checkout from Bubble using “Charge the Current User” action.

If I can only do Credit Cards using Bubble’s Stripe plugin, how do I use Stripe and allow other methods of payment such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and ACH? Not sure where to look for calling a turn key checkout that allows the defined payment methods setup in Stripe or if I have to use Stripe.js and write my own checkout?

Hi @jpayne ,
You can use Stripe api’s using bubble api connector to use differnt payment methods, Like, affirm, alipay etc

The PriceWell Stripe plugin supports all the default payment methods set in your Stripe account.