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Stripe Payment Plugin question

I’m working on building a rental marketplace (Hosts & Guest) and trying to figure out the best way to capture a Security Deposit, incase damages occur during a rental and charge the guest after the rental along with their daily rental rate.

I am using Stripe plugin from Zeroqode and considered charging a Security Deposit upfront along with Days rented and then refunding the Security Deposit after the rental but this isn’t advantageous for the Host as Stripe fees would be on initial booking amount…along with my marketplace fee. I also considered just doing an authorization but as I understand it Stripe only allows a hold on a 7 day authorization, so it wouldn’t work for longer rentals or rentals taking place next month.

My question is…is there another payment platform &/or plugin that allows that level of flexibility? Overall Stripe seems to be the best out there but their flexibility is limited for my use case or I maybe missing something…likely am :slight_smile: Any ideas would be really appreciated.

security deposits for short term rentals (i.e. airbnb) are usually in the form of an authorisation.

There can be rules in certain countries about taking actual funds and holding them.

I’m not sure if it’s possible with stripe to store the payment method but if so you can store the payment method and resubmit the authorisation after it expires if you need it longer than 7 days perhaps?

Or check out Braintree but you would need to implement the API’s yourself as I don’t think there’s a plugin for it yet.

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Thank you @equibodyapp I appreciate your thoughts and the link to braintree. Some really great information and sound like it will be a good solution to my use case. Just wish it was a plugin. Need to brush up on my API’s to build it all out. Hopefully in the future Stripe will allow to store payment method or extend past 7 days for service related businesses.

I’ve contacted @Pathfix suggesting it would be great to add to their list as I’m looking at Braintree to implement in one of my own SaaS apps.

I use Pathfix for all my oauth integrations as it just makes it SO EASY!

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Using the Stripe API it is possible.

I can’t see any indication in this link that describes the 7 day constraint you mention.

@boston85719 unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible using Stripe API. Check out the second paragraph from the link.

When a payment is authorized, the bank guarantees the amount and holds it on the customer’s card for up to seven days, or two days for in-person payments using Terminal.

If you know a way in Stripe to extend the 7 day hold to say 30 day, I’d love to know as I am sure others would too. I just haven’t found a way around it.

So many great plugins with Bubble and never looked at Pathfix. After watching some videos it does look incredibly easy. I might be making the switch for my app. Thx for the recommendation!

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Thanks for pointing that out. Skim reading it didn’t see the 7 day limit. I would have expected it to be no limit and that you could set the expiration on the API call itself.

Yeah, I wish Stripe would allow us to set the limit.

Quick question…I took a look at nocodetrainer marketplace templates. And they look really nice. Do any of them allow payments to be authorized and then invoiced when the work is completed? Even if it’s past Stripes 7 day limit?

Thanks for the kind words. The templates I believe you are referring to are the freelancer templates. These are using the Stripe plugin by Bubble only for the purposes of enabling a subscription. The way the templates are monetizing is by charging a subscription to both users types and just acting as a meeting place.

If the interest is in the template for it’s other functionalities then the way the payments works can be changed to fit the monetization strategy you might have in mind.

I have done invoicing using Stripe API where the ‘seller’ is able to dynamically create an invoice which would have a due date they choose and the ‘buyer’ would make payment through the Stripe Hosted invoice payment page. The setup allows the ‘seller’ to send out the invoice when they would like to and so it would be up to the ‘seller’ and the ‘buyer’ to decide if work is completed before or after invoice payment.

I’ve used the event webhooks from Stripe to be notified of the payment to an invoice for sending out a review request.

This setup is not in any of my templates though.

That is a great idea. What would happen if the ‘buyer’ decides to delete their credit card info before work is completed? I was headed down the credit card Auth route as it gives the ‘seller’ confidence they will get their money after the rental is completed (even if the ‘buyer/renter’ destroys property). I guess you could also charge a non-refundable reservation fee upfront upon booking and then after the rental add additional charges for damage, etc… Do you only work on your templates or can you do work like this other templates (as I’m using a marketplace one from Zeroqode)?

I typically take on projects that are of interest to me, and it doesn’t make a difference for me if it started with a template created by another developer.

If you are interested in discussing details please send me a private message and we can take things from there.

Sounds great, thanks!