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Stripe, Place a hold on a payment method


Can someone explain me how to emplement : placing a hold on a card and retrieve it. I found only found this: Place a hold on a payment method | Stripe Documentation
But i still don’t know how to make it happen whit bubble.

What i want to do is : Users can choose a subscription, render their cards but they are not debited. I want to choose if i accept the user or not, if i say yes then the user is charged. If i say no it’s canceled. So in my eyes placing a hold on a card is the best option but i don’t know how to make it.
If you have any advice or links, that will be a big help thank you

anyone ? :frowning:

Hi @ziryukochi have you find solution to this? I have a same feature exaclty like yours but didn’t know how to implement it,

Any solution?
Thank you

Hey man,

I found nothing, no yt videos, no information on the forum :frowning:

If you or someone find something please tell me.

Thank you and have a good day

i dont know if it macth with what you needed but the basic is same,

when i found fix solution, i ll reach you again.

Thank you, i will watch it.

It’s just a matter of terminology in stripe.

What you want is to create a ‘payment intent’ for the particular ‘payment method’ and tell it to only authorise.

Then later on you ‘capture’ the payment intent which makes the actual payment (otherwise it cancels in x days).

Yes but how to set it on bubble ?

Hi @NigelG can you give us a tutorial how to implement that? So far i use the stripe plugin to do that, but when it comes to transfer to seller it always failed,

  1. When it transfer to seller on the test mode, is the account need to be enable first? All my test seller account has a restricted status,

  2. What the workflow need to write to retrieve the transaction history of the seller to display

Very need solution to this, thank you before.

Not immediately, and there may well be simpler ways of doing this via plugins.

But this is how you do it via the API connector (again, this is not the most straightforward way, but I like to be in control) when you have a stripe customer signed up but need to delay payment/collection.

When the customer signs up and connects their stripe account, save their customer id.

When you want to request payment.

Grab the customer’s list of payment methods.

Grab the customer’s default payment method.

Create the payment intent (payment method is either the customer default, or the first one in the list of methods).

Note you can set the “description” here to whatever you want. Save the payment id created.

Capture the payment via the payment id.

Then the webhook will fire for both the payment hold (if you set it up to do so).


And the capture (with the description and the customer).


(ignore the Return AB Info - this app is calling another Bubble app with the results of the webhooks).