Stripe Plugin: Collect CC Information (Mobile)


I’ve already filed a bug report, but figured someone else may have run into this problem and maybe knows a solution/workaround.

When running the workflow “Collect CC Information” on desktop it works fine, but it does not show on mobile. All you can see is the “Save” button. A stripe checkout is supposed to popup, but it seems like only the Save button displays.

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Hi @Nocodify,

This has been a bug/design flaw for as long as I can remember. I eventually just set my app to display a popup message when screen size is mobile, as I got tired of waiting. Hoping you get some feedback from @Bubble as I’d love to have this available to users on mobile. (I only use Stripe from Bubble for personal reasons even though there are more on the marketplace)

Sorry for lack of info on a workaround

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Hi @lantzgould,

Do you mean you made a popup to instruct your users to go on a desktop?

I’ll update this thread when I hear back. That’s slightly frightening, as mobile is obviously the most used platform for web nowadays…

@Nocodify - yes. Although bad UX it just instructs them to get to a desktop. And yes, please do as I agree with you!

@neerja can you comment on this?

Does this plugin fix it?

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That’s really unacceptable for me, unfortunately… that would be a huge hit on conversion rates…

Yes it does, thank you!!

While I’m ok with using it for now, I don’t really know this developer and would like to not rely on this plugin for the indefinite future. Thank you though @J805 so much!

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@Nocodify That button should take you to Stripe mobile instead of displaying a popup. Are you seeing something different?

I have used it for a while now, have not had any issues with it. I have been using it for over a year I think now.


Ah, I see now that clicking it does take you to Stripe mobile checkout.

This is horrible UX though. How would a user know that clicking “Save” will proceed to checkout?

This relates to my post from yesterday: Stripe Plugin (Bubble): Ability to change default elements?

Is there a way to change the button text to say something different from “Save?”

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We should have the ability to change the configuration. However should display as such (replicating the same as desktop UX)

I have reported this terrible UX ages ago and the reply I got was ‘yes, it’s poor UX but not a bug.’

It’s virtually useless. Users have to use the other Stripe.js plugin instead. It’s things like this when you see a price increase that leave a bad taste in your mouth and overshadow all the other great Bubble features - a basic Stripe plugin created by Bubble is not even maintained to a professional level.

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