Any updates on Stripe UI on mobile?

I know this topic has been discussed before but it seems like it has been years. On mobile, even in the browser, collecting credit card information via the Stripe plugin is a pretty painful UX. There is an undescriptive save button that floats on the page and then the user is taken to another page to complete the inputs. Oddly, the plugin looks great on desktop even if the window is made very small.

Are there any updates on a solution? Improved UX? Skip the save button? Rename the save button?

I’m sure it is a tough problem to solve so I’m not giving anyone a hard time here, just really curious what the best option is as of 2021 because I don’t think we can release with this UX.

An updated UX/UI would be using v3 on the Bubble Stripe plugin

Thanks Johnny. That sounds great! I took a look at the plugin and I only see checkout version v2. Do I need to look somewhere else or has this v3 not been released yet? Have you heard approximately when it will be if it isn’t yet?

You have to change the Bubble Stripe Plugin from v2 to V3 via the plugin settings