Stripe Plugin doesn't return correct data

Stripe Plugin returns Price ID even when I call Plan ID or Plan Name from Stripe Subscription Object (field) provided by the Plugin. I know Bubble is not reliable for things like elementary conditional grouping or workflows, but I wish at least the stripe plugin worked as expected in an extremely simple task such as returning a property. Should’ve used the MEAN Stack instead of a no-code but whatever. If I had known better, I wouldn’t have been born at all.

Any tips?

Are you referencing the Stripe plugin made by Bubble?

There’s always the API connector to build the specific calls to your liking.

Feel free to post screenshots of your setup, I or someone else might be able to help.

Thanks for the quick response. I’m using Bubble’s Stripe Plugin v3. I know I can use the API connector, the thing is that I’m using Bubble for speed building solutions and using the API connector and other stuff makes me wanna use Node + Express instead.