Trouble Integrating Stripe Plugin in Bubble - Live Mode Issues

I’m currently working on developing an application on Bubble and I’m encountering some difficulties while trying to integrate the Stripe plugin for receiving payments. Specifically, I’m facing an issue where the Stripe Plan Name (API ID) does not show up as an option in live mode, resulting in an error message during application preview.

The error message I’m receiving is as follows:
“No such price: ‘price_1NQxktIRe24lowEggLAGOyJo’; a similar object exists in test mode, but a live mode key was used to make this request.”
Additionally, the workflow displays the following issue: “Subscribe the user to a plan: remember to fill your secret and public keys for Stripe.”

I’ve attempted several approaches to resolve this issue. Firstly, I tried using only the live keys, but that didn’t work. Then, I experimented with using both the test and live keys simultaneously, but the problem persists. I was able to successfully navigate the payment and cancellation options in test mode, but the issue arose when attempting to switch to the live version.
Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with the Stripe plugin during live mode integration? If so, how did you resolve it? Any guidance, suggestions, or troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated!

To provide some context, I’m working on creating a plugin that facilitates payment processing using Stripe. However, I’m unable to get the correct Stripe Plan Name (API ID) to appear as an option within the Bubble workflow when in live mode.

If anyone has insights or experiences with this particular issue or has successfully integrated the Stripe plugin in live mode on Bubble, your expertise would be invaluable.
Thank you in advance for your help and support!

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