Stripe plugin - incorrect plan name?

I’m having a Stripe plugin issue. I have subscription products within my development that users can subscribe to. This is all working well and I can see the correct info for users within Stripe’s control panel.

However, I want to show all subscription products for a user so they can see what they are subscribed to in my dev. I’m doing this within a repeating group and it pulls the info as expected apart from the plan name. It is showing the plan ID rather than the plan name which obviously wouldn’t make much sense to the user! In debug mode, I check the subscription and sure enough, the name is the same as the ID rather than the name.

Has anyone else come across anything similar?

Same problem here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’d forgotten all about this issue! But the good news is that my subscription plan names are coming through correctly now.

It’s not intuitive at all (and I’m still not 100% it should be like this) but you actually need to go to the Stripe control panel, into the product, and then edit its pricing. Under additional options is “price description” which is what seems to come through as the name.

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot, it worked!

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No worries, and great news :+1: