Stripe plugin: Only subscribing someone to a plan when they complete payment


I’m trying to figure out the right action or workflow for the Stripe plugin by Bubble to subscribe someone to a plan only when they actually complete payment in Stripe.

Here’s what I want

  1. Someone creates an account on my app
  2. Take them to Stripe to complete payment
  3. Subscribe them to a plan

How do I need to adjust this setup? Am I using or missing the wrong payment action in the workflow?

I’d consider using a “Only when…” approach but I don’t know what I’d specify in order to otherwise advance them to the Stripe checkout page


Hi there @alex.pethick,

You might want to look into Stripe’s webhook, and using Backend Workflows.

Thanks, but surely this cannot be unique to me…

Why would you sign someone up to a plan before payment? I can’t imagine anyone would want to do that until the payment was actually complete. There’s always cart abandonment.

Good question, but you can’t do so otherwise with the Bubble Stripe Plugin

I’m realizing my assumptions were wrong and by contacting support, it’s filled in a few of those gaps.

Here’s what Bubble Support said:

The “Subscribe user to plan” action takes place entirely on Stripe, and does not necessarily create updates for your user in Bubble. In the case of cart abandonment, the transaction is not completed, and the user is bounced back to your application. You can set up a webhook from Stripe back to your application whenever a transaction is successfully completed to ensure that data in Bubble is appropriately updated once a user completes a payment.

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