Stripe workflow not stopping as described


The official Bubble plugin for Stripe’s documentation reads as follows:

Subscribe the user to a plan

This action subscribes a user to a plan, which was previously defined in Stripe. Then, the card will be charged on a regular basis. If the user is already on a plan, their subscription will be updated to the new plan. If the user fails to enter their credit card information, the workflow will stop running.

I have a simple workflow where the user clicks a button, gets prompted to subscribe to a plan, and then a success message shows. I only want the success message to show if the user correctly entered a credit card and it went through. My understanding of the plugin is that it suspends the workflow until it receives the confirmation back from Stripe that everything went smoothly, otherwise it should simply stop and never proceed down the workflow.

Upon testing, if I get to the credit card screen and simply back out of it without entering any CC info, I am still given the success message. This shows that the workflow continued to run regardless.

Is this something I’m missing or something wrong with the Stripe plugin?

Thanks for any assistance!


I am having this issue also. Could someone @Bubble help with this?

Hello! Sorry to hear about this trouble; can you please file a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate? Thanks in advance!

Nevermind…this post fixed the issue. I had to add “Result of Subscribe user to plan’s subscription ID is not empty” to the workflows I wanted to run after successful payment.

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