Stripe plugin seems to charge users before trial period ends

Hi team,

I am having issues with the Stripe Plugin: When I subscribe a user to a plan in Stripe, the trial period seems to be ignored:

I defined a product and 3 different plans in Stripe. Each plan has a 7 day trial period.

I tested my plans by subscribing a user to a plan and then changing the plan a couple of times (all on the same day).

I expected my user not to be charged for anything at this point, because of the 7 day trial period, but instead the user was charged multiple times and my test account in Stripe received payments:

Invoices generated during 7 day trial period:

Payments received during 7 day trial period:

This is how I subscribe the user:

And this is how I update the subscription:

Is there anything I do wrong? I would appreciate your help!

Thanks, Nicola

Hey Nicola

Iā€™ve got it setup like this and have encountered that Stripe respects my End of the Trial setting.

Try setting like the below and test it again, it should work. Below is a 7 day free trial example.



Thank you! This works!

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