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Stripe Plugin V3

Hello ! I’m trying to implement a one shot payment WF on my page.

I use the bubble Stripe Plugin V3, and I thought that the “charge user” action will open a popup. Instead it’s opening a new page, with no way (it seems) to customize the return url :confused:

Is there a way to use a popup ? i found the Stripe Credit Card Form Popup by @AirDev but i don’t know it will work.

Or maybe is there a way to redirect to a custom page ?

Hello @Sarah_Esteve

I think this plugin only works to collect cc data. It must be complemented by other Stripe calls.

If you do not want to build additional Stripe calls … one idea would be to monitor for a url parameter that Stripe includes in their callback url and using the event “on page load when get AAA is not empty” redirect the user to the page that you want them going to. (AAA is short for whatever url parameter you decide to monitor…)

Hope the above makes sense

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