Return to Popup after Stripe redirects back

Hi @cmarchan
Saw your post on this.
Wondering if you found the solution.
I tried to do the same by:

  1. onclick of the ‘change’ button - Go to Page and Add a param to the URL
  2. run the Stripe Collect CC info
  3. Have a Page load, get param state from URL to try and detect the previous state so as to Show Popup again.

But Stripe redirects without the new URL param.
And then Bubble has issues saying Go to Page must be last item.

Appreciate your insights.
Thanks much!

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This seems like 3 things conflated into 1 post.

But the parts I understood:

That was addressed in the original topic: lack of parameter informs you its from stripe.

Not sure where this comes into play but the easy workaround for this is to put the Go to Page action in a custom event and trigger that from the page load or wherever you were using the Go to Page action.

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