Stripe - Redirect User After Successful Payment

I’ve set up my website to take Stripe payments. I’m using the Bubble Stripe API and have everything connected correctly.

When the user clicks the “Pay” button , it redirects the user to the Stripe payment page where they user can pay for their order. This is working correctly, however, after successful payment, it goes back to the Checkout page and throws up a “payment succeeded” pop-up.

How do i make it redirect to a different “thank you” page after payment is completed?

I know I have to do this within the Stripe dashboard and use webhooks. But I have absolutely no idea how to set them up on Stripe and have been going through tutorials and videos for days trying to figure it out.

More annoying, they seem to have updated and anything available online, including on this forum, is years old.

Does anyone have a working method to redirect to a thank you page after completing Stripe checkout process?

Thanks 4 ur help!

Hi @khurram.aziz
This post might help