Stripe - Set up futur payments

Hi there,

We’ve built a marketplace where clients can book and pay for services.

For the payment, we are using the following plugins:

  • Stripe
  • Stripe Market Place Express

We would like to charge the client at the time of the service

User flow:

  1. User selects a service and time
  2. User is redirected to Stripe to save his CreditCard details and confirm Payment Intent
  3. User is redirected to the web app and booking is complete
  4. At the time of the service, user will be charged unless the booking is canceled before that time

So far we did not manage to set the payment at the time of the service.

We looked for tutorials on the internet but without success. There are tutorials to charge the user right away, to hold a payment or to set up a subscription model ; but nothing about simply delaying the payment.

It seems that Stripe covers it thought: Set up future payments | Stripe Documentation

Does anyone know of a tutorial or documentation about how to do it using workflows from the Stripe plugins?

Thanks a lot for the help!