Charge a user after checkout (schedule api workflow?)

Hello guys,

I’m building a marketplace where customers rent spaces from sellers.

I need to figure out how to charge a customer after their checkout time is expired. I’m using Stripe as the payment gateway, so the charge would probably be handled with “charge a user using saved cc”, but how should I trigger the charge at the time of checkout?

I was trying to see whether scheduling an api workflow would be a good solution to this type of thing, but I’m struggling to understand how to do it exactly. I have a database thing called “booking” with (hopefully all) the necessary details about which user owes how much to whom. Including the app fee amount.

But so should I do the scheduling in the backend workflows or how? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

This isn’t the best solution, but I built a page that only I could see which had a repeating group of all the transactions and a button that I could press to trigger the charge. Obviously this is manual, but if you’re just starting out it’s one way around it for an MVP!