Stripe Subscription + additional user setup

To this point, every app I’ve built has been for internal use or for a specific company with no payment integrations needed. I had no idea how much easier it is to build for a specific company with clearly outlined needs than to build for multiple companies in a single industry trying to make everyone happy!

Now, however, I’m setting up to take subscription payments for the first time through Stripe.

Stripe is amazing and much easier to setup than I anticipated (thanks @copilot and the Stripe.js plugin) so all seems to be working well at this point but I want to make sure I am setting up the best way for reporting and scalability.

My App Setup:

  • Company Account - Accounts are created for a company with a single User as an admin allowing multiple employees (list of users) for each company.
  • Subscription Plan - the standard setup with multiple tiers managed within the app allowing different levels of access.
  • Additional Users - The option to add more users to the subscription plan. Available only with a subscription.

My Stripe Setup (2 Products)

  • A single Subscription product with multiple pricing plans. The only differences in pricing plans being the monthly rate and plan name.
  • A single Additional User product with a single pricing plan

When a user subscribes, Stripe creates a subscription with two items. The Subscription pricing plan with a QTY of 1 and an additional user plan with a dynamic QTY (typically 0 since the base subscription comes with an included # of users)

The company admin can then add more users as needed and it simply updates the quantity of the Additional User plan in Stripe.

I think this is the best way to do it but would value any feedback from Stripe aficionados :pray:


Anyone? You don’t even have to read the above post.

Here’s the TL;DR

Should I use a single product with multiple pricing tiers in Stripe for my SAAS subscription plans or should I create a separate product for each plan I offer?