Stripe subscription currency issue

Hi guys

I am using the Bubble Stripe plugin.

I have a scenario where I sign a customer up to a subscription with one currency, they might stay on it for a few months and then at some point in the future that customer will change their currency. That yields the error:
“Stripe error: Customer with currency gbp cannot subscribe to plan of different currency (eur).”

I know that you can’t change a currency within Stripe for a customer once they have already signed up to a subscription, and the answer is to create a new customer within Stripe for the new currency. I can’t seem to work out how to do that within Bubble without them signing up for a new account within my Bubble app. Is this possible? I don’t think we can access the Stripe CustomerID that is stored within Bubble to change (or reset) it.


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I got a response from Bubble on this - it isn’t possible with the Bubble plugin, need to create the custom functionality via the API connector if you need it. Hopefully if anybody else finds this thread via Google it saves you a bunch of time trying to get it to work :smiley:

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