Stripe subscription plan upgrade or downgrade

Ive read various posts in the forum…some seem to contradict one another but this is possibly due to changes in either stripes service or the various plugins overtime.

if I have 3 different recurring monthly subscription plans $5, $10 and $15…a user would only ever subscribe plans to one of these plans at any given time but they may well choose to upgrade or downgrade their chosen subscription plan. Im trying to accommodate proration.

Do any of the bubble plug-ins either Bubble own or those provided by developers support this? or is the API connector the only way to go

Stripe make reference to this

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I’ve fixed and now realise how i Create, Update and Delete subscription items but it brings me to another question…unless this is usual.

If a user subscribes to a plan and then during that month upgrades to a higher value plan… then this is added to the next billing cycle.

If that user then cancels their plan…then everything is cancelled including the next billing cycle including the additional fee payable for using the higher value plan.

so by my reckoning… If the user chooses plan a at $10… Then during that month upgrades to plan B at $20… Then cancels their subscription before the next billing period…they get to use the additional features of Plan B at Zero cost.

I know this is possible in Stripe just wondering if its doable via the current plugin or is API connector the only route

Am I missing something?

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