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Stripe subscription question - move between plans

what happens when i am subscribed to plan A on stripe and then i move to plan B through my bubble app. does it charge me again? move me and charge me on the next billing cycle? how does that operate?
I’m guessing it wont charge twice ?

I believe it’ll be prorated

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Yes, at the end of the month. Is there a way to charge it the day they upgrade though?

Yeah, you do that through Stripe

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Yeah I’m a little confused on this too and I’m not sure what @johnny means with his response.

I’m using the Subscribe user to a plan and use the Update existing subscription with the Subscription ID, but it looks like it prorates until the next billing period which doesn’t make much sense to me (unless this is how all companies typically do billing?). Do I need to include another action in the workflow to charge immediately?


Hi @alex.pethick,

To clarify my response. Stripe will prorate the subscription if you have it switch plans right away instead of at the end of the billing cycle. I believe this is a setting you can change in your Stripe dashboard and/or within your customer billing portal.

What my setup looks like is having a Stripe Webhook and backend WF work together, so when a subscription is updated it’ll wait till the end of the billing period to switch the plan, but then it’ll charge the price of the new plan then or it’ll prorate it right away. The Stripe Webhook sends the event of the plans switching to my backend workflow where it’ll use the subscription ID to identify the subscription, then change it accordingly.

Does that make sense? All plan upgrades for me happen on Stripe’s customer billing portal.