Stripe subscription - setup subscription for an organisation

Hi, I am using the stripe plugin as I would like to set up a payment plan for organisations rather than single users. In this case a school. The idea being that a student in the school could log in to the app if their school had paid for a subscription.
I have been following this very useful tutorial which mentions that you can do this.
How to Add & Manage Stripe Subscription Payments in (Including Paywall Feature)
At 21:00 into the video James (the presenter) sets up a condition that prevents someone from logging in if their status is not active.

At this point I assume I would not do this and must change the condition. In my database I have a field called School which links to a datatype called school. Am I on the right track if I do the following?

I would really appreciate anyones help on this as I have trawled the forum and not found an answer. I also do not know who the op of the video is.
Many thanks

you need to relate the student to the school, so on the user data type have a related field for school…then when somebody logs in, you should check the users’ school has paid the subscription.

On the school data type, have a field that is ‘subscription paid’ as a yes/no field.

Thanks so much, it just needed some tweaking. I now have entered further fields etc but it seems that I now cannot run the workflow as I get the error message
“sorry, you must be logged in before you can register for a plan”

Has anyone ever seen this?

Yes, user must be logged into the account

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